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Our quality priorities

It is our fundamental goal that every person who uses Riverdale Grange has the best possible experience and is in receipt of the best possible healthcare at every point of contact with us. We believe that this is achievable through collaborative working and engaging with patients and their carers. Our staff already deliver excellent care which is compassionate, safe and responsive to patients. We are determined that this be a platform for the delivery of care which is always effective and well led.

In order to fully understand what quality looks like we have employed a multifaceted approach. We use a range of methods to collect and analyse data systems and processes which take account of perceptions from people who use our services. This approach has been routinised across the hospital in order that at any time the quality priorities are valid, reliable and effective.

Our current quality priorities are to provide,

Services which are safe.
• Suicide prevention and reducing deliberate self harm
• Reducing restrictive practice
• Development of standards for physical health and nutrition monitoring

Services which are caring
• Develop the patient, carer and staff feedback
• Improvement of hospital environment to maximise available space and improved therapeutics

Services which are effective
• Use of data collected through patient reported outcome measures at an individual patient level and to develop services
• Further develop systems for information recording

Services which are responsive
• Ensure timely access to services which are seamless

Services which are well led
• Ensure that the hospital has the right number of staff with the right skills to deliver high quality care across the 24hr service
• Ensure that the hospital has a culture that encourages

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