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Standards of best practice

Service provision within the hospital is mapped against the highest standards of practice as outlined by,

The hospital is a member of and accredited by the Quality Network for Inpatient CAMHS (QNIC). QNIC works with its network of members to share best practice at a national and international level. They use a review and accreditation process to promote the highest level of care for inpatient CAMHS services, including those that specialise in helping young people with eating disorders. For details of the work of the QNIC please click on the link to the QNIC website

The hospital is a member of and accredited by The Quality Network for Eating Disorders (QED). QED works with adult services to assure and improve the quality of services treating adults with eating disorders and their carers. For details of the work of QED please click on the link to the QED website,

In the UK there is clear guidance on what services and treatment for eating disorders should look like. The National Institute for Care and Health Excellence (NICE) has produced guidelines outlining what should be provided through the NHS for people with eating disorders.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists describes a set of recommendations and service standards for hospitals providing care and treatment to people with anorexia nervosa called the MARSIPAN guidelines.

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